HR Update

HR Update

A big welcome to 2020 and I hope you are all as excited as me for the year ahead! It was great to reflect back on 2019 at the Kick-Off, and to also gain an understanding of the key focus areas of 2020 to help us grow as a company. Growth means opportunities but we need to match this with hard work to achieve our objectives and targets.

In Lee's Annual Newsletter, he spoke about the need to review our Code of Conduct. This has been a priority of the team and in the next week, you will all receive an updated copy of our Staff Handbook. Together with the handbook, we have put together an online video to highlight the key changes and to remind us all about what is expected of our behaviour towards our colleagues, clients and customers. Once available please take the time to review the updated handbook and complete the short assessment. It is compulsory for all employees to complete the online video and assessment.

As we get started in such a busy year, I would like to focus on some of the key systems to support you in your roles and get the most out of your experience with Exponential-e.

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Clear Review

Make sure you have set your objectives with your manager and made a note of them in Clear Review for you to discuss during your regular catch ups


A number of learning paths and online learning content to help you continue to develop in your role. Continue to view the calendar and book in for any face-to-face workshops that are suitable for you.


Access information and sign up for all benefits available across Exponential-e. Don't forget to also check out Advantage and MyActive to view additional discounts available

Last year we had approx. 70 employees that either were promoted or took on a new role internally. Most of these had either completed learning pathways that had been put together or continued their own study to help them develop. As we continue to grow as a business, it is key that we continue to make opportunities available internally. During your regular discussions with you managers, make sure you find time to discuss how you can take on new challenges that help the team and the overall business to reach our goals.

We communicated that we kick-started the Management Academy last year and all initial coaching conversations have taken place. Matt Drought, from Natural, has put together a piece to ensure you are all aware of the programme our Managers are undertaking during 2020.

The team and I are always available to answer any questions or discuss any people-related topics. Pop past or pick up the phone at any point, we are here to help.



Well done to Louise Martin-Simms for taking part in the monthly Lottery via Advantage and taking home £100 cash in January. 
Head to advantage via ViaNabo to register and potentially be the next winner.

World-Class Management Training in 150 minutes per month

The Management Academy is in full operation, with most Managers having completed their first coaching session with their Natural Coach. Finally our Managers are receiving a world-class programme that has been designed just for Exponential-e and quality-assured by one of the best educators in the UK, Dr Daniel Prior from Cranfield School of Management.The next stage are the workshops beginning in February. So that we are all super clear on what your Managers are doing this year, here you can see a table with a sample Manager Learning Path.

In this example, you can see how this Manager has spread the learning over the course of the year, which means the 30-hour annual workload is manageable. They have attended the mandatory elements in bold, which gathers them the most Academy Points (110/140 needed to pass). Then, they complete two fieldwork assignments, enjoy a few episodes of the Scar Tissue Podcast, and watche a few extra videos. By the time they sit the final exam, they have achieved 160, well over the 140 point pass rate to get into Year 2.

So, in summary, to pass Year One and be invited to Year Two, an individual must:
  • Complete all mandatory elements in bold (coaching, training, exam pass)
  • Pass the final exam
  • Achieve 140 learning points or more
The best news is that they have completed all this learning for only 150 minutes per month.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact James Quinn, or call me personally on 07753926621, and we will ensure you are fully prepared for success.

Yours naturally,

Matt Drought
CEO, Natural Training