Customer Comments


We all work hard at Exponential-e, and we are not the only ones that notice this! Our customers are always leaving us positive feedback - and you can read some of the comments here.

Gold Star: Abdul Butt
Customer: Charlie Penny, Sabio Ltd

"Abdul has been great throughout the whole delivery process, massively appreciated for all of his help."

Gold Star: Adnan Mallick
Customer: Caroline Gayle-Dunne, Addaction

"Adnan Mallick takes time to follow-up on the problem (also chases if I haven't replied) and explains how to fix my issue. I have now learned how to fix it for myself! Thanks."

Gold Star: Justin Raulli
Customer: Matt Hanbury, NewVoiceMedia Limited

"For this particular case I was worried we were looking for a haystack before we could even look for the needle. Justin Raulli went through things with me over the phone (it was an early evening when we both should have been finishing up) but seemed to spot something straight away. An investigation later found a possible cause, we weren't entirely sure but made changes our end with the IT company that manage our customer's building. Issue resolved. Thanks Justin!"

Gold Star: Matthew Bird
Customer: Greg Garnett, Hill Dickenson Llp

"Following an MI, Matt Bird identified an area of weakness whereby Exponential-e could implement local admin to resolve the issue, should it re-occur. This was thinking ahead and planning ahead, to potentially mitigate larger issues moving forward."

Gold Star: Khalid El-Haddad
Customer: Anwar Bhatti, Broadstone Corporate Benefits Limited

"Khalid is always so efficient and pushed to deliver, his expertise on products has been a great help to keep the project changes flowing smoothly."

Gold Star: Lauren Linsdall
Customer: James Moss, Broadstone, Fifosys Limited

"As soon as Lauren picked this order up, everything was done excellently. She communicated regularly with the customer and did all she could to make the process as smooth as possible. Thanks Lauren!"

Gold Star: Ahmed-Weli Mohamed
Customer: Dave Hoffman, David Hoffman Limited

"For various reasons last year (most by virtue of my own actions) I had to request support from Exponential-e. In fact, in most cases, they actually contacted me before I contacted them. The resolution was always extremely quick and professional, when talking with a colleague, we agreed that the service is outstanding. Thanks."

Gold Star: Rhys Thompson
Customer: Daniel Matthews, Evaporate Ltd

"I know that when Rhys picks up the case, it'll be sorted promptly. Thank you once again!"

Gold Star: Nirav Patel
Customer: Sioban Daley, Open Health Communications Llp

"Friendly, good guy who tried his best to sort my IT issues. Took a little longer than expected, but he explained thoroughly what was happening and that some things were out of his control. I felt like he was trying his best and that's what really matters."

Gold Star: Josh Woolf
Customer: James Moss, Fifosys Limited

"Always appreciate good communication about the progress of the product to plan the next steps accordingly. Josh Woolf was also exemplary in ensuring I was always up to date and various teams were chased to ensure we got the solution in."

Gold Star: Jake Gunn
Customer: Claudio Fiore, Create Health Limited

"The Support engineer I spoke with last night was very responsive and contacted the fibre supplier BT OR immediately and kept me informed at all times. Excellent service. Thank you."