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Delivering an exceptional quality of service in the hospitality sector increasingly depends on
infrastructure that maximises the performance of sites and applications, guarantees the safety of personal data, and achieves cost savings.

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The changing role of
technology in the hospitality industry

Guests and customers now expect a completely seamless experience, from the point of booking, throughout every stage of their journey and their eventual departure. It’s no coincidence that customers consistently rate WiFi as one of the defining features of their trips, and yet 26% of businesses in the hospitality & leisure sector encounter serious issues with their network across multiple locations. This, paired with the growing need to minimise physical touchpoints throughout customers’ stay, demonstrates the increasing importance of implementing a secure, high-performance infrastructure to meet customer needs and comply with government guidelines.

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A trusted partner for
hospitality & leisure professionals

Exponential-e works with businesses across the UK’s hospitality & leisure sector, designing and delivering fully integrated solutions, tailored to the industry’s unique challenges, including the guest experience and opening up new revenue streams…

Retaining the human touch

The hospitality & leisure sector still relies on the personal touch, even as face-to-face contact is minimised and services are accessed remotely. Technology must support this, helping maintain the highest quality of service.

Consolidating solutions

Service consistency and data security in hospitality depends on a robust network where multiple services are securely integrated and delivered to both staff and guests through a single trusted supplier.

Streamlining data collection

Gathering data that delivers actionable insights and, in turn, a better experience for guests is traditionally time-consuming and challenging for the hospitality sector. The process must be therefore streamlined and automated wherever possible.

Customer loyalty

Even as more and more interaction with guests takes place remotely, it is essential that one-off guests become loyal repeat ones, which means communications, promotions and special offers must be readily accessible across multiple channels.

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Our Solutions

Exponential-e’s full range of Connectivity, Managed LAN & Wifi, Guest-Facing Technology and IT services are powered by our own high capacity, business-only Network, securely connecting to our customers’ infrastructure to deliver sophisticated solutions, supported by our deep expertise and experience within the hospitality & leisure sector, for optimal performance and cost control.

IPTV and In-room Entertainment
IPTV and In-room Entertainment

Deliver content and full room functionality to guests, including streaming, digital signage, and applications, whether it be via the TV, mobile or tablet, maximising the guest experience whilst streamlining operations.

Managed LAN & Wi-Fi
Managed LAN & WiFi

Enhanced performance and security, freeing staff to focus on guests and customers, while Exponential-e’s experts manage your IT from our world-class Network of data centres.

Guest Mobile App
Guest Mobile App

Empower guests through the HTML5 app to use their own device when choosing additional options to control, design and personalise their stay with minimised human contact.


Exponential-e’s uncontended, private high capacity Network enables hospitality & leisure venues to optimise connectivity services for guests, delivering business-class internet with built-in Cloud and Voice services.

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Bringing safety, security and world-class experiences together

ONEapp is a web-based app that allows hotels and similar businesses to reduce the physical touchpoints throughout guests’ stays, from the booking to check-out. Using their own devices, guests can access the full range of services on offer, making bookings, offering feedback and accessing information in just a single click. The result: reduced costs, streamlined processes across multiple sites, and enhanced communication between guests and staff, with zero compromise in terms of either safety or security.

ONEapp - bringing safety, security and world-class experiences together
ONEapp - bringing safety, security and world-class experiences together
ONEapp - bringing safety, security and world-class experiences together
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The decision to use Exponential-e’s technology across our UK operations was the result of a stringent tender process. Ultimately its ability to provide us with a wholly owned, 100GigE core Network as well as its understanding of designing a solution which is as important to our brand as the quality of beds, made it the stand-out candidate. In today’s world, where highly complex software-as-a-service applications plays a vital role in the day to day running of our hotels, having a resilient Internet connection to support them is vital to our ongoing success.

Multiple services over one connection

Whether there is a requirement to keep multiple sites connected through a Wide Area Network (WAN), ensure strong WiFi within a poor signal location or perhaps manage a wealth of guest data with Big Data, Exponential-e can customise our solutions to your requirements and ensure that your needs are met in their entirety, exactly as you aim to do with your guests.

+ Multiple services over one connection
Maintaining the human touch while offering stress-free, contactless stays, from booking to checkout.
Accessing new revenue streams through sophisticated data analytics and tailored, omnichannel marketing.
Delivering exceptional experiences that turn one-off guests into loyal, repeat customers and help drive brand visibility.
Working with Exponential-e they have now become the 1st UK hotel to boast 10Gig capacity.

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