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Get a Pizza the action with margins that can't be topped

The cyber security landscape is more complex than ever, with criminals devising increasingly sophisticated ways of breaching even the most advanced data protection measures. This means your customers expect a robust security ecosystem - one that utilises the latest threat intelligence, intelligently designed processes, and cutting-edge technology.

Providing cyber security to your customers immediately ensures you are a vital part of how they maintain their brand reputation and service quality, boosting your own margins and leading to sustainable long-term business growth.

Register here to join us at our pizza making masterclass on 21st April, hosted by our Cyber Security Specialist Stephen Read, who will explore the current security landscape in depth and offer a range of practical solutions to offer your customers for complete peace of mind.

Location: Bellavita, 11C Dock St, London E1 8JN
Time: 21st April 2022 at 11am
Hosts: Stephen Read
Activity: Pizza making masterclass


Stephen Read - Cyber Security Sales Specialist

Stephen Read
Cyber Security Specialist

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Keeping the Lights On:
Make the Switch with Exponential-e
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Empowering your customers to continue innovating regardless of their workforce’s location is vital in today’s world. Organisations must be prepared to rapidly transform and adapt their existing infrastructures to enable the distributed workforce. With our high capacity Network and range of Cloud solutions, we equip you with the tools to provide and support your customers with the quality of service demanded, so you can help keep the lights on while they innovate.

Watch our webinar from Wednesday 9th December where our Director of Infrastructure, Andrew Chant, joined by our Cloud Solutions Manager, Rhodri Stone, to discuss the importance of being able to provide the right infrastructure at speed in a rapidly changing corporate world. Plus, they discussed the technologies that are revolutionising the way organisations approach the distributed workforce, and why we are your Service Provider of choice for a reliable and profitable service.

Partner Digital Transformation
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Watch our Chief Innovation Officer, Jonathan Bridges, looks at how your customers and prospects across different sectors are challenged by, and addressing, DX. Plus, a look at how both Cloud and the Network must be considered to help them deliver true business transformation. We also discussed references and use cases for success, while demonstrating the support on offer to you and your customers.
Partner SD-WAN Workshop
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Andrew Chant, our Director of Infrastructure, walked through what SD-WAN really is, how it provides secure network management all the way from the device right across the Network to your Data Centre and Cloud infrastructure, and what that means in real-world business benefits.

Partner UC Workshop
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Recent events have meant the way we work has changed significantly with a huge increase in the demand for Unified Communications (UC) solutions, to enable people to communicate and work productively from home. However, the speed at which some UC platforms have been on-boarded have also given rise to security issues. So how can we tell what is secure and what we should be looking out for?

Our Head of UCC Solutions, Gareth Hayes, and Head of Cyber Consultancy, Mark Belgrove, discussed the vulnerabilities to be aware of when using a UC platform, a look at compliance considerations and where the new way of working leaves us with data breaches and impact on shadow IT, as well as a look at risks coming from UC devices.

Partner Cyber Security Workshop
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Watch our Head of Cyber Consultancy, Mark Belgrove, for an open discussion around the real-world Cyber Security issues and challenges that your customers are facing, and how to defend against them. We also looked at the sometimes lesser considered, but equally important, people and processes elements of Cyber Security.

Find out how Exponential-e has responded to the Coronavirus outbreak and kept our customers online

The Coronavirus outbreak has forced UK businesses at all levels, in all industries, to rapidly transform the way they work, and adapt their existing infrastructures to enable homeworking, in line with the latest government regulations. There’s no doubt this has been an unprecedented challenge, but Exponential-e are working with our customers every step of the way to put the right measures in place to ensure they can run as usual, and they are well-placed to handle any new challenges that arise. Click here to view some case studies in various sectors. 

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Fill out the form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are looking for technical support, please contact our Support team on: 0845 230 6001

100% Privacy Guaranteed. Click here for our privacy policy.

100% Privacy Guaranteed. Click here for our privacy policy.