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Embrace the Cloud and drive your business forward

At Exponential-e, we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ Cloud. We offer a range of innovative Public,
Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions, powered by our own Network, and supported by the expertise and experience needed to ensure a smooth migration.

Scale your IT environment to meet demand
Scale your IT environment to meet demand

Our highly scalable hybrid cloud solution lets you flex your business demands quickly when the need arises - such as during seasonal and promotional spikes.

Innovate and develop your customer offerings
Innovate and develop your customer offerings

Our flexible hybrid cloud model gives you an agile and responsive platform for innovation, plus the services to back it up.

Drive customer insight and optimisation
Drive customer insight and optimisation

Our Big Data solutions will help you transform your customer and business data into actionable insights and increased revenue.

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Choosing the
right Cloud for you:

There is often much debate and confusion about what the different types of cloud computing services are, what they represent and what they offer. Let us help you on your journey to the Cloud. As a leading UK Hybrid Cloud provider with over 150 certified technical experts ready to support you, our approach will underpin your business objectives to ensure delivery in-line with your strategy.

Enable growth, flexibility, mobility and security of data and compliance.
Avoid the headache of manually reviewing your IT estate - our Cloud Managed Platform provides a single-service user interface connecting your Private and Public Cloud services.
Our Professional Services team will help you examine your existing infrastructure, your future goals and mitigate risks.
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Understanding & Differentiating Private, Public, Hybrid Cloud & Their Network Access Modalities.

There exists tremendous confusion about what different types of Cloud computing services are, what they represent, and what they offer compounded by the blurring of the concepts of Cloud and Internet. We seek to build real-world understanding of the Cloud market and the impact of the various choices in Network access.

What is the right Cloud for you?

Cloud is most broadly defined as being of three types: private, public and hybrid. What's not discussed here is the impact of location for each of these types of Cloud; the type of Cloud does not tell you its location.

Your cloud is only as good as your network

Enterprise IT staff remain in control of their IT environment and have command and control of the Cloud-based resources as if they were on the LAN.
Data security and privacy issues resolved. All servers, databases and applications sit on the clean side of your Firewall, no matter what city they are physically located.
Cloud Management Platform - Control and managed your entire Cloud estate, whether private, public (including AWS and Azure) or hybrid - through a single screen.
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Powered by
Exponential-e's high-performance Network

The power of our Network enables multi-Cloud platforms to integrate Cloud services in a consistent and secure manner.


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