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Modern Networks


Building a decade-long partnership with the UK commercial property sector's leading ISP

About Modern Networks

Since 1999, Modern Networks has been a leading provider of Network, Communications, and IT support services to the commercial property sector. A certified partner for Cisco, HP and Microsoft, Modern Networks provides a range of first-class managed services to more than 1,800 properties across the UK.

The Challenge

In 2011, in anticipation of a large-scale project that would involve the deployment of more than 2,000 lines of broadband, Modern Networks began the process of consolidating their partner ecosystem, with a view to move beyond transactional supplier relationships, and developing a trusted group of technology partners who could support their long-term development and broaden their overall service wrap.

While they already had an existing network provider in place, there had been longstanding communication issues with them, and so identifying a partner who could support their evolution into a full ISP was a critical priority, while allowing Modern Networks to retain the flexibility, control and autonomy across every area of their operations.


Modern Networks were first introduced to Exponential-e at an industry event, where they were introduced to their future account manager. Following a detailed evaluation of potential suppliers and their network capabilities, Exponential-e became a critical part of the revamped ecosystem, initially as a fibre partner. However, following a number of early successes, where a deep rapport was forged between Modern Networks' own IT teams and their dedicated account management team, further services were consolidated under the Exponential-e umbrella, with 100 switches now hosted on Exponential-e's network.

The account management team, providing a single point of contact, has proven critical to the success of this partnership, allowing for quick communication and close collaboration on everything from routine deployments to the most complex, challenging projects. Although Modern Networks is a company that values autonomy and flexibility of its daily operations, the support of their account manager ensures that any potential problems can be swiftly identified and resolved, and that Modern Networks' teams can access same-day support whenever it is needed, including for on-site staff at the NOC end.

At the time of writing, Modern Networks continues to expand its partnership with Exponential-e, with Ethernet Private Lines (EPLs) in place, and SIP network-to-network interfaces planned for deployment in the near future, to further future-proof their telecoms capabilities. This process of ongoing improvement is just one element of Modern Network's long-term digital transformation plans, building on the strong foundation that has already been established.

This is building to a full-scale Cloud migration as legacy infrastructure is phased out, with Exponential-e intended as the single Cloud partner. In particular, the current Teams Calling as-a-Service solution will eventually be expanded into a fully-integrated Unified Communications platform, allowing for omnichannel communications between colleagues, customers and end users across all sites, with optimal scalability and cost control.

The successes achieved by Modern Networks and Exponential-e offers a clear demonstration of the value of long-term partnerships, built on trust, communication and a mutual drive for innovation.

Solution benefits

  • Streamlining and consolidating of Modern Networks' partner ecosystem, supporting the growth of close, long-term partnerships
  • Same-day support on an as-needed basis, supporting the successful delivery of complex projects
  • More than 100 circuits currently hosted with
  • Long-term support and expert consultation around Cloud migration 

I only look to build long-term partnerships, so that was always the goal when we first engaged with Exponential-e. The relationship has only got better in the years since - both in terms of the new additions to our overall service wrap and the connections between our teams - and shows no signs of slowing down.

Michelle Van Lelyveld
Carrier Services Director, Modern Networks.
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