Trading Ecosystem


Seamless and dedicated connectivity for the Financial community

Gaining the widest range of data points and opportunities requires connectivity to multiple Financial Trading venues and counterparties. Connecting to FX data via point-to-point connectivity is expensive, complex, increases market fragmentation and hinders time to market. A Financial Ecosystem or Extranet enables market participants to come together on a common network infrastructure, which provides faster and easier communication than multiple disparate connections.

Our global, secure Financial Extranet provides quick and easy interconnectivity with:

  • Exchanges, MTFs and Liquidity Venues.
  • Buy-and-sell side.
  • Clearing and settlement.
  • Market data providers.
  • Software and technology providers.
  • Application providers.
  • Cloud Services (Exponential-e’s and others).

Our customers benefit from an end-to-end service via our dedicated financial network, which encompasses IaaS through to multi-venue/counterparty access - meaning everything is outsourced and managed via an end-to-end service backed by one, comprehensive SLA.

Financial Trading Ecosystem

Financial Trading Ecosystem