Native Multi-cast for Financial Trading

Our Optimised Trading Network infrastructure supports Native Multicast at Layer 2, enabling unique functionality and a legacy free approach when creating messaging groups for Multi-Asset/Multi-Venue Trading Strategies.

Within a financial trading environment the distribution of data, simultaneously between your servers connected over a Wide Area Network is critical when trading across venues in different geographical areas.

There are many ways that you can speed up messaging within the LAN, in hardware or software, however you need to ensure the messages are distributed to all required servers as fast and efficiently as possible over the WAN.

Multicast messaging overview

Financial Trading - Native Multi-cast Overview

Currently users need to configure GRE Tunnels to switch over routers creating dedicated Layer 2 tunnels across the core network, increasing the complexity and more importantly overheads/latency for critical messaging. Exponential-e’s optimised network for high frequency trading supports multicast natively within the core, allowing you to control messaging groups without any further configuration overheads, ensuring your data is simultaneously delivered to all sites and enabling you to run many models concurrently.

This key feature reduces complexity, eliminates unnecessary increases in network latency and improves efficiency in multi-venue models and trading strategies.