Financial Trading

High-frequency, ultra-fast connectivity

Adapting to rapid change within Financial Trading is a business imperative. Failure to keep up with increasing regulation, a constantly changing market and new technology can cause a loss in revenue. In order to remain competitive in this fierce landscape, products and services need to reach the market quickly whilst meeting regulatory requirements within tight timeframes.

Ultra-low latency for sub-millisecond market reach

Connecting to multiple exchanges, datacentres, trading partners or exchange venues requires resiliency, ultra-low latency and high performance. Every second counts and delays can have huge financial implications.

Whether you’re on the buy-or-sell side, our Financial Trading solutions provide rapid interconnectivity to the specific exchanges, execution venues and market data providers your firm relies on.

Native Multi-cast

Our network is optimised for the trading sector, built on a fibre-optic core using Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) technology, which offers low latency native multi-cast at Layer 2 for a legacy free approach when creating messaging groups. Find out more about Native Multi-cast.

Robust and scalable network infrastructure for data demands

The transparency required under MiFID II is placing new demands on products beyond equities; including bonds, commodities, derivatives and structured finance. Under MiFID II, pre- and post-trade transaction information needs to be made available for contracts which today, are traded over the counter (OTC) - drastically increasing the amount of data trading companies are responsible for.

In order to meet MiFID I requirements, Exponential-e built a network providing secure, high-bandwidth connectivity into the equities market and Data Centres. With many of the equity, derivatives, foreign exchanges, brokers and trading platforms already on our Network, increasing transparency, storage and access to data is simple, fast and scalable.

We work with leading Financial Trading companies including: Morningstar, London Capital Group and Altium Capital.