Financial Services

Connecting to the world of finance

Thriving in an ever-changing global economy requires thinking and connecting beyond your current financial footprint. Connectivity to multiple sites, venues, market data providers and datacentres is the life force of Financial Services.

The world of finance continues to add oceans of data; posing capacity, security and connectivity challenges.

Reaching your customers whenever and wherever

Fast, reliable connectivity to customers is crucial for the Financial Services sector. Unfortunately, legacy voice and communications systems are often disjointed, complicated and costly to maintain. In addition, the sector is seeing an increase in home and remote workers who must stay connected to customers at all times. Our Voice services, converged with Internet and Data applications, provide a foundation for one Unified Communication platform.

The converged platform provides greater performance, efficiency and cost savings. With a unified communication platform, the corporate Cloud can be extended to enable cost-effective home working and intra-site communication.

Data boom - customers, transactions & applications

Increasing amounts of transactions, customer data and storage for historical databases, applies significant pressure on infrastructure. Investing in scalable connectivity is the smart alternative to multiple connections and increasing bandwidth incrementally.

Exponential-e’s 100GigE Layer 2 Ethernet Network delivers Connectivity to some of the world’s major Financial Services organisations. With one connection allowing for multiple services, Connectivity to Cloud providers and Data Centres can be done seamlessly. Adding on demand Data Storage avoids expensive storage area Networks and synchronous replication of licenses.

We work with leading Financial Services companies including: BBVA, National Bank of Australia and SEB.