Hosted PBX - Best-in-class Cloud Telephony to power up your business.

The reliable, scalable and feature-rich telephony solution that covers all your voice requirements.

Hosted PBX

Voice systems that grow with your business

Plans & Pricing

Complete Hosted Voice Solution The most comprehensive Hosted UC solution
FROM £6.50
per month

FROM £12.50
per month
Full PBX Replacement YES YES
Voicemail YES YES
Hunt Groups YES YES
3-Way calling YES YES
Call Park / Pick-up Groups YES YES
Hot Desking YES YES
Call Reporting YES YES
24 / 7 x 365 Support YES YES
Instant Messaging / Chat NO YES
Presence & Status NO YES
Video Conferencing NO YES
Desktop Sharing & File Transfer NO YES
Virtual Room (up to 15 guests) NO YES
Desktop App (Windows & Mac) Optional YES
Mobile & tablet Apps (iOS & Android) NO YES
Full Integration. Handset; Desktop; Mobile NO YES
One Number NO YES
MS Outlook & Google Apps Integration Optional YES
External Guest UC via WebRTC NO YES
Call Recording Optional Optional
Call Centre Optional Optional

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Hosted PBX - Voice systems that grow with your business

Hosted PBX is a complete business communications service providing advanced call features that can quickly scale across multiple sites enabling employees to communicate wherever they are. Hosted PBX removes the need for companies to operate and maintain PBXs, freeing up time and resources for strategic projects.

SIP trunking offers businesses a more flexible, resilient, scalable and cost efficient way to connect PBXs to the voice network compared to traditional methods. Disaster Recovery (DR) Call Routing Disaster Recovery (DR) Call Routing is a feature included as standard that automatically diverts inbound calls to a secondary PBX, DR site or fixed/mobile number in the event of primary PBX or circuit failure and provides overflow in the event SIP trunk capacity is reached on the primary PBX. DDI Divert  DDI Divert is an optional feature that automatically diverts incoming calls to individual DDI (Direct Dial In) numbers to alternative destinations in the event of PBX or circuit failure and provides overflow in the event SIP trunk capacity is reached on the primary PBX. Resilient SIP Channel Resilient SIP Channel is an optional feature that provides two separate connections from the Voice Services Platform to two PBXs in the same cluster and distributes inbound calls to the PBXs Call Queueing is an optional feature that uses an Auto-Attendant function on the Voice Services Platform to automatically greet, queue and direct calls to an appropriate destination based on user input (e.g. “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support”). Fax to Email  Fax to Email is an optional feature that converts inbound fax messages to emails and sends them to a specified email address.

A Exponential-e provides inbound and outbound calls from the PSTN to your Head Office via Exponential-e's WAN.
B Grow your Voice system as you grow. Operating multiple offices across the WAN.
C Extend your Voice system to accommodate home workers by extending your secure WAN. By using an Internet connection, behind a firewall, remote workers can tap into the PBX. In the event of large-scale site failure, incoming calls can be diverted to another office, or to a mobile.

Benefits of Hosted PBX

  • High definition, high quality, Voice and video calling with advanced and flexible call features that can scale as your business grows.
  • Improved productivity through easier and more effective communication with remote workers.
  • Reduced CAPEX with fully managed solution - no need to purchase and maintain costly hardware.
  • Future proof - new services are available immediately they’re added to the platform.
  • Resilience - voice communications are not affected in case of flood or fire at Head office or branch offices.
  • Call Reporting - every Hosted PBX seat includes Standard Call Reporting which provides key information in graphical and tabular format on any device to help you run your business. Advanced Call Reporting which delivers live dashboards and detailed reporting for Call Centres is also available.

Hosted PBX questions

Is call quality good?

  • Exponential-e’s Hosted PBX service uses VoIP (voice over IP) delivered using our Voice Services Platform and the core network which together eliminates the effects of jitter, latency and packet loss to ensure great call quality

How expensive is it to install

  • If you own compatible Polycom handsets then there’s no need to replace these to start using the HPBX service, thereby reducing costs.

How do I manage it?

  • Exponential-e’s Hosted PBX service comes with an intuitive web based management portal that enables you to easily add new lines or change service profiles.

Will Hosted PBX help me to project a professional image?

  • Yes, using the Auto-Attendant service it’s possible to create a professional image for callers by presenting caller options to send calls quickly and efficiently to the correct department.

Why Choose Exponential-e?

Exponential-e’s Hosted PBX service is delivered from our carrier-grade Voice Services Platform and resilient core Network which together eliminate the effects of jitter, latency and packet loss to provide high quality Voice calls.

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