DDoS Mitigation Service

Integrated and Managed DDoS Protection within your Network

We see the Network, we monitor the Network and we can protect your business with automatic DDoS mitigation services from our Network core. Regardless of what internet facing security you may already have, we understand your specific Network traffic profile and defeat DDoS attacks before they reach your defences.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks take down online services and cause huge financial burdens, and they are on the increase by over 100% year on year. Connection to the Internet is now a business imperative but it is also the biggest threat to businesses today - meaning intelligent cyber security is required now more than ever.

DDoS Mitigation Service

DDoS Mitigation Features:

DDoS Mitigation Benefits

  • A valuable layer of additional security.
  • No configuration required as you don’t have to change your Firewalls, policies or the experience of your users.
  • Immediate protection from known bad IP traffic.
  • See and understand your own traffic via reports and a service portal.
  • You don’t need to learn new skills or look to change suppliers.
  • Be aware and prepared in the anticipation of a Cyber Security attack.

Leading DDoS Mitigation

at competitive pricing

As DDoS attacks are on the increase we want to make sure that our customers are protected. The DDoS 999 offer gives you access to our DDoS Primary Mitigation Service at a fantastic price of:

£999 per month plus VAT.

This is an unbeatable price in the market and makes managed DDoS Mitigation affordable for our customers.

*Offer ends May 2017. Terms and conditions apply.