• Your Cloud is only as good as your Network

    For data integrity, security and service speed, the Internet just doesn’t fit the bill. But having the Cloud behind your Firewall is a different story.

    Your Cloud is only
    as good as your Network.

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Easy and secure remote access for your mobile workers

For organisations embracing flexible working or with mobile workers requiring access to vital files, applications and information 24 / 7, SSL VPN is a cost-effective service which increases employee productivity by offering easy and secure remote access to internal resources via the corporate Network.

SSL VPN - Easy and secure remote access for your mobile workers

SSL VPN doesn't require installation of client software on an employee’s machine before a connection can be established, hence, eliminating the high cost and intensive support often associated with conventional client-based VPNs. With SSL VPN only requiring a web browser and an Internet connection for employees to access the corporate network, restrictions by operating systems are eliminated.

Boost employee productivity

Exponential-e’s hosted SSL VPN service provides mobile and home workers with secure remote access to internal network resources on their corporate network – effectively increasing employee productivity.

Remote access as part of Business Continuity Plan

During a disaster your remote staff, whether at home or at your Disaster Recovery data centre, can have remote access to the virtual computing resource. This is supported with users authenticated against own server (i.e. Active Directory).

Simple to manage and easy to use

The SSL VPN service is simple to manage and easy to use. Delivered over the Cloud, it eliminates the need to pre-install client software, make changes to servers and provide ongoing maintenance and desktop support. The Exponential-e SSL VPN service is easy to deploy and less resource intensive to maintain.

Robust security you can rely on

Our advanced SSL VPN security features (including multi-factor authentication and encryption, host integrity checking, and the ability to grant access levels based on user profiles, device types or locations) automatically shield your organisation and your systems from harm.

SSL VPN Features

Exponential-e’s SSL VPN service provides cost-effective, easy and secure remote access. Features include:

  • Advanced security features including multi-factor authentication, encryption and host integrity checking.
  • Access granting at user profile, device type or location.
  • Easy to deploy and maintain as a Cloud service, no pre-install client software.
  • Intuitive interface and seamless access with single sign-on makes it easy for employees to use.
  • Cost-effective with monthly user-based pricing.
  • User authentication with users authorised against own server (i.e. Active Directory).

SSL VPN Benefits

SSL VPN facilitates secure remote working and Business Continuity as well as offering additional benefits:

  • Offers a supportive IT framework for flexible working practices.
  • Optimise mobile workers productivity when off-site.
  • Cost-effective and easy to deploy Cloud-based service.
  • Improve Business Continuity and deliver business-as-usual when bad weather or travel disruption strikes with secure remote access for all employees.
  • Easy to use and simple to maintain.