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    Your Cloud is only
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Business Education

Overview: Private Cloud infrastructure and a virtual private LAN service (VPLS) provides foundation for global growth and improves efficiency and effectiveness.

Sector: Public Sector, Education.

Solution: Cloud, Connectivity.

Business Education operates 2 schools within London from 4 locations, and when they moved into their head office they were faced with exceptionally poor connectivity. With previous tenants having difficulties connecting through BT they needed to look for another provider to allow them to get their business running efficiently and effectively.


Through recommendations from existing customers of Exponential-e they looked to us to assist with their requirements. Their initial driver was to replace exhausted ADSL circuits and routing equipment, that was manually maintained, with a robust and reliably fast fibre MPLS. Alongside their initial requirements, Business Education also wanted to look into how they could resolve the issue of having server hardware at all 4 locations. They wanted to remove the risk of servers terminating at end points and a reliance on power at any one location to provide access to data, files, emails, etc. Cross site access was also a difficulty due to the existing set up of their IT infrastructure and was something that Exponential-e was able to assist them with.

An increase in mobile employees, both within the UK and overseas, also meant that a central and common infrastructure was required to allow their employees to work from any location and any device.


Selecting Exponential-e as their chosen provider meant that Business Education could proceed with installing a solution to link their 4 existing sites together with a fast MPLS. They migrated all site-specific servers to a virtualised environment in a single stack, and virtualised desktops for 400 users.

Business Education was also able to switch to a managed firewall through Exponential-e that had a single point of management, allowing better management of their users and bandwidth. They also made use of our SIP trunking services and re-routed their phone lines through these to PBX gateways on 2 sites.

Their employees are now fully converted to remote access and satisfaction amongst them has been increased as they are now able to enjoy working from anywhere, through any device - all thanks to virtualisation from Exponential-e.


  • Employees are able to work remotely and can access files and data from any location.
  • Files are stored centrally and cannot be lost if left on another device.
  • Access is secure and controlled, decreasing the concern of privacy and security threats.
  • The ability to manage just a single set of servers instead of 400 end points.
  • Desktops follow employees which allows them to access all their files including their bookmarks, from one location. Less risk of loss.
  • Centralised print management means that all print devices are available to all employees, wherever they are.


Business Education now has a resilient and fast solution that allows them to access files and data remotely, as well as removing their reliance on a single end point. This allows their employees to work remotely, across the world, and increases their employee retention due to their flexibility.

Last year they were able to open a new school in Dublin with ease; their solution from Exponential-e enabling them to get their IT infrastructure set up and running 5 times faster than with previous suppliers.

The introduction of a thin client-based environment also removes the need for them to spend vast amount of money on expensive servers and general hardware. The resilience of Exponential-e’s virtualised servers also means that in the event of a disaster Business Education can remain productive through remote access.


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Current Analysis

"Exponential-e is developing a Cloud vision that includes visibility and control over a customer’s entire Cloud and Network estate and the ability to deliver new connections and virtual machines on demand. ”

Gary Barton - Principal Analyst, Business Network and IT Services.

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"We were looking for a partner that understood Cloud and could deliver on our requirements. Exponential-e were the perfect fit, and even delivered our Cloud services a month ahead of schedule."

Paul Morton, IT Manager
Vita Group