• Your Cloud is only as good as your Network

    For data integrity, security and service speed, the Internet just doesn’t fit the bill. But having the Cloud behind your Firewall is a different story.

    Your Cloud is only
    as good as your Network.

  • Turbo Charge your business!
    Get 10GigE now!
    Enjoy Superfast High Bandwidth Internet Connectivity at Super Smart Prices.

  • Our Cloud Storage (S4)
    is now 30% cheaper than Amazon's.

  • Exponential-e launches the UK's first SD-WAN Service.

  • Unified Comms - collaborate together with Voice, video & instant messaging - at the click of a button.

  • World-class customer service, UK-based support 24 / 7 x 365.

  • We deliver Peace of Mind-as-a-Service let us take your business to the Cloud.

Your Cloud is Only as Good as Your Network

A Business-class Journey to the Cloud

Today, most of the benefits delivered by Cloud infrastructure providers are well documented and expected by Enterprises. However, most Cloud infrastructure providers have no Network, and today, the Network drives 50% of the value Enterprises can expect from their Cloud investments. In a bandwidth-hungry digital landscape, the Network is the Cloud, which is why we believe; ‘Your Cloud is only as good as your Network’.

This is the Exponential-e model. The reason we invested £100m into our Layer 2 VPLS Network; to offer seamless interoperability right into the Cloud infrastructure. This enterprise-class Cloud-Network model supported by world-class engineering and partnership is what sets Exponential-e apart.

During the past two years, we have invested further into our Cloud-Network model with Software Defined technology (SD) innovation to advance and automate our existing Cloud services.

We have called this SD-Cloud which introduces a raft of new, extended features and benefits. Download the Whitepaper here: SD-Cloud.

As we own our Layer 2 Network we can deliver:

  • Free terabit Connectivity between Cloud Data Centers.
  • A frictionless and costless transition to the Cloud.
  • A Cloud resource that ‘logically’, sits on the LAN, on the clean side of your Firewall.
  • That offers sub-2ms latency and 24 / 7 uptime.
  • Allowing private connectivity to many other Cloud providers and applications.
  • That provides the IT resource required for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery.
  • Offering real-time control & monitoring tools for our Cloud, WAN & Internet.
  • Delivered with a single end-to-end SLA.
  • Offering an OPEX model - demonstrating up to 30% cost-savings.
  • Supported by a technology partner that can assist us with evolving our IT strategy and Cloud investments against the demanding regulatory requirements and compliance issues.

Our competitors cannot achieve many of the points above, simply because they own no Network infrastructure. It’s why we coined the phrase; ‘Your Cloud is only as Good as your Network’

Your Cloud is only as good as your Network - A Business-class Journey to the Cloud.

Let us help you on your journey to the Cloud. As the UK’s leading Hybrid Cloud and Network provider, we have over 150 certified technical experts ready to support you. Our partnership approach will underpin your Cloud migration plans every step of the way - with workshops and proof-of-concept testing to ensure the on-time delivery of your Digital Transformation Strategy.

The Journey to the Cloud

Our video below is an introduction in to how we are working to resolve Cloud data security and privacy issues: