• Your Cloud is only as good as your Network

    For data integrity, security and service speed, the Internet just doesn’t fit the bill. But having the Cloud behind your Firewall is a different story.

    Your Cloud is only
    as good as your Network.

  • Turbo Charge your business!
    Get 10GigE now!
    Enjoy Superfast High Bandwidth Internet Connectivity at Super Smart Prices.

  • Our Cloud Storage (S4)
    is now 30% cheaper than Amazon's.

  • Exponential-e launches the UK's first SD-WAN Service.

  • Unified Comms - collaborate together with Voice, video & instant messaging - at the click of a button.

  • World-class customer service, UK-based support 24 / 7 x 365.

  • We deliver Peace of Mind-as-a-Service let us take your business to the Cloud.

Smart Business Internet

Smart Internet - Business Internet, the gateway to your Cloud services

Business Internet underpins applications and communications for organisations today. Uninterrupted connectivity and high-bandwidth - 2Mbps to 10 GigE - is a key requirement for Exponential-e’s Business Internet customers - with no disruption from consumer peaks in traffic.

Smart Internet enables businesses to converge multiple services over one connection - What our competitor's Internet services cannot offer. What our competitor's Internet services cannot offer.

A Smart Internet enables businesses to converge multiple services over one connection.
B What our competitor's Internet services cannot offer.

The service we provide

Delivers a business-grade, end-to-end fibre from your premises all the way to our carrier-class Layer 2 VPLS 100GigE Network. and leading edge Internet gateways. We have invested more than 10 years R&D and continuous service innovation to ensure our customers' mission critical applications and services are served by the fastest and most advanced Internet service in the UK.

What’s smart about Smart Internet?

Smart Internet is more than just an Internet connection. Our competitors are unable to match the convergence capability, bandwidth flexibility and the cost savings this delivers for your business.

Smart Internet offers:

  • Multiple services down one pipe - converge your data, Voice, video and applications traffic on one pipe. From Internet, SIP, Cloud, Stock Exchanges etc... It's all delivered down one pipe.
  • Flexible Bandwidth Management (A3) - view, manage and control your Internet traffic via web portal. Manage your employees web-browsing activities. A company with 50 employees, each browsing social media sites for 1 hour per day loses 1000 hours per month in productivity, costing £10,000 per month. Exponential-e's A3 service pays for itself in less than one month.
  • Variable bandwidth - switch bandwidth up or down daily to cope with projected peaks and troughs in demand.

The clever part is that if you don’t need the entire capacity of your connection for Internet, you can split the circuit using secure VLANs and use it to deliver other services and applications, thus reducing infrastructure costs.

Consolidating services across one connection means you get a flatter and easier-to-manage Network.

Exponential-e’s dual-stacked approach

We have adopted a dual-stack approach which means our services are both IPv4 and IPv6 compliant. Exponential-e has been awarded 4 stars of IPv6 readiness by RIPE NCC (the European Regional Internet Registry). This puts us amongst the 8% of providers of Internet services who are actually ready to connect their customers to the whole Internet when IPv4 runs out.

Smart Business Internet Features

Our Smart Internet service is delivered over our business-only Network and includes the following features:

  • Cost savings, including: Consolidating Voice, video and data services across one connection with one connection fee.
  • Our installation process is a simple plug-and-play deployment, doing away with expensive hardware and set up costs.
  • Adaptable and scalable, our infrastructure can easily grow with your requirements.
  • Highly available support backed up by strict Service Level Agreements and 24 / 7 x 365 technical support.
  • Extensive peering arrangements with the world’s major Internet content providers. Thus, minimising Network latency to just one routing hop away.
  • Full IPv4 and IPv6 compliance means you can continue to communicate with all customers and suppliers when IPv4 addresses run out.
  • Customer first approach - we work as a trusted partner. All customers are assigned their own account manager who will work with you to better understand your business needs.
  • Building block to other services - Smart Internet is the first step to accessing a multiple services at a key stroke.

Smart Business Internet Benefits

Smart Internet is a building block to accessing converged services. The benefits of our business Internet service include: