Technology Partner - NVIDIA

NVIDIA - Pioneer of visual computing

NVIDIA products span the entire spectrum of visual computing - from processors incorporating GPUs, to system components, to fully integrated systems.

At the core of the company is the GPU, it has played a pivotal role in changing the way people interact with technology today. NVIDIA GRID™ solutions have accelerated the development of virtual desktops and applications and has enabled IT departments to deliver true graphics from anywhere, to any user on any device.

The GPU has integrated into our daily lives from powering our cars to protecting the safety of earth. NVIDIA has been primarily known for propelling computer graphics from a feature into an ever-expanding industry - encompassing PC games, movie production, product design, medical diagnosis and scientific research, among other categories.

GPUs are now driving new fields like computer vision, computational photography, image processing and augmented reality. Its use has also been extended to a new field of computer science, Deep Learning which aims to enhance the intelligence of applications we use today.

Exponential-e’s reason for partnering with NVIDIA is we share a common goal of innovation to help evolve the future of the workspace environment by pushing boundaries on joint innovation projects like our recent rendering breakthrough.

Our next area of focus will be to further develop deep learning engines and high performance computing which will change the speed of output on complex mathematical and logic based challenges driven by tangible ROI driven business outcomes.