Our Customers & Service

Customer Focused

Our customers are at the heart of everything that we do; from the solutions that we sell to offering a 24 / 7 x 365 UK based service desk, we offer our customers only the very best.

The employees of Exponential-e aim to exceed expectations with innovation and service. They are open and transparent in their approach to ensure that our customers are kept updated at every step of the process.

From requesting a quote to your order being delivered, you can expect only the best service from our team who are underpinned by our excellent Client Relations department - in place to ensure your service from and relationship with Exponential-e is the very best it can be.

Don’t just take it from us - our 96% customer referencability backs up the fact that we lead with customer service excellence at the forefront of our business.

Innovation and Service

Since our very start we have the lead the way in the market with a number of disruptive innovations, something we continue to do. Our continuous evolution ensures that we are always providing the very best, most current services and solutions to our customers.

We also frequently make solid investments in our new technology to expand and enhance our existing service. Our customers will never miss out on the latest technological advantages and we will always ensure that we tailor our solutions to suit.

Our Connectivity, Cloud, Unified Communications and IT services provide our customers with the very best range of service and they are why we are proud to be the trusted provider to over 2,800+ customers and partners.

Highest Accredited British Company

Whilst the above qualifies our customer centricity, there is no better way to show the success and reliability of our company than through our accreditations. We are highly accredited, in fact more than any other British company, with a total of 7 ISOs - audited every 6 months by the BSI.

You can find out more about our list of accreditations here.


Don’t just take our word for it

Current Analysis

"Exponential-e has developed an attractive customer support message focused on the fact that its customer care services are all provisioned within the UK. ”

Gary Barton - Principal Analyst, Business Network and IT Services.

Don't just take our word for it

"Exponential-e went above and beyond all the other companies. They weren’t just trying to make a sale; they’re very passionate about what they do. We always receive regular phone calls from them asking how we’re getting on. We just don’t get that level of attention from any of our other suppliers."

Daniel Kirby Network Manager - Claremont High School Academy.